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Hydrocarbon Resources and Fuels Research and Competence Centre

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Work Package Leaders:

WP0 - Coordination of the Centre activities
Andrzej Froński

WP1 - New methods of exploration and research of hydrocarbon deposits
Halina Jędrzejowska - Tyczkowska

WP2 - Effective and safe technologies of oil drilling and deposit mining
Zdzisław Herman

WP3 - Technological and cost-effective optimization of oil and gas production from deposits
Jan Lubaś

WP4 - Natural gas treatment
Grzegorz Demusiak

WP5 - Development of underground gas storage systems
Wiesław Szott

WP6 - Ensuring proper functioning of gas transmission networks
Maciej Markiewicz

WP7 -  Safe and cost-effective natural gas distribution
Aleksander Klupa

WP8 - Safety and effectiveness of natural gas usage
Zdzisław Gebhardt

WP9 -  Emission assessment, migration prevention, energy utilization of landfill gas
Jerzy Dudek

WP10 - Environmental protection in exploration, production, storage, transmission and distribution of natural gas
Katarzyna Steczko

WP11 - Centre promotion
Roman Reichert

WP12 - Training unit facilitation programe
Zdzisław Tałach

WP 1
New methods of exploration and research of hydrocarbon deposits

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Work Package Leader



Halina Jędrzejowska-Tyczkowska
– senior scientist
Head of Seismics


Education and specialisation:

  • graduated from University of Mining and Metallurgy, faculty of Geology and Geophysics (1959)

  • doctor’s thesis (Ph.D. degree) on application of non-longitudinal waves in seismology (1974)

  • assistant professor qualification thesis on phase transformation of seismic signal (1999)

  • 2-month professional practice at the All-Russian Institute of Geophysics, Moscow, 1968

  • 5-month professional practice at l’Institut Physique du Globe, Paris, 1970 (financed by UNESCO)

  • 1-month professional practice in AGIP-Mineraria, Milan, 1971 (financed by UNESCO)

  • 1-month professional practice in the Imperial College of Geology, London, 1975 (financed by British Council)

  • 1-month professional practice in the Institute of Geophysics – University of Cambridge, London, 1975 (financed by British Council)

  • 2-month professional practice in l’Institut Française du Petrole Rueil Malmaison, France and in Campagnie Generale Geophysigne Massy, France, 1976 (financed by the Government of France)

Professional experience And career:

  • 1959-1967 scientific worker in the Geophysics Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw) – research work on seismology

  • 1967-1984 scientific worker in the Oil and Gas Institute (Kraków) – Head of Laboratory of Seismic Data Processing and Modelling – research work on modelling, processing and interpretation of seismic data

  • 1984-1992 maitre de conferance in Sciences and Technology University of Houarie Boumedien, Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Algiers – scientific worker; lectures and classes on seismics, bore-hole geophysics, theory of potential, marine seismics; tutor of graduate theses; promoter of 2 doctor’s theses (transferred for continuation at the date of departure from Algiers)

  • 1992 and further - head of, respectively: Laboratory of Seismics, Department of Geophysics and Department of Seismics at Oil and Gas Institute – research work on specialised processing of seismic data, seismic interpretation, seismo-stratigraphy, seismics of reservoir, anisotropy of a geological centre from the aspect of a velocity model interpretation, application of non-longitudinal waves

Scientific standing:

  • member of the Society of Exploration Geophysics

  • member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers

  • member of the Polish Geological Society

  • member of an expert team for seismics at the permanent Commission for geology and geophysics of RWPG (1972-1984)

  • editor of 2 volumes of conference materials „Interpretation issues in seismics”

Scientific output:

  • author of 4 monographs, 65 publications, articles In periodicals and conference materials both in Poland and abroad

  • The most important recent publications:
    1. Misiarz P., Jędrzejowska-Tyczkowska H.; 1998. ”Geological and seismic-consistent analysis – the important tool for Jurassic reservoirs properties estimation”. Extended Abstracts, Vol. I, 60 EAGE Conference & Technical Exhibition, 8-12 June 1998, Lipsk, PO20
    2. Jędrzejowska-Tyczkowska H., Żuławiński K.; 1998. ”How far should we respect the requirement of stationarity of seismic trace”. Conference EAST MEETS WEST, 1-4 September 1998, Kraków, No. s. 12-16, bibliogr. item 13.
    3. Jędrzejowska-Tyczkowska H., Wajda-Karpoluk B., Karski K,, Misiarz P.; 1999.”Recovery of Seismically Invisible Top Ca2 via Geostatistics: A case study from the Polish Zechstein Basin”. 61st EAGE Conference and Technical Exhibition Extended Abstracts vd2, P563 Helisinki, 7-11 June 1999, bibliogr. item 6
    4. Jędrzejowska-Tyczkowska H., 1999. ”Data zero-phasing – a precondition for stratigraphic correlation of seismic horizons”. Acta Geophysica Polonica, 1999. Vol. XLVII, No.3
    5. Jędrzejowska-Tyczkowska H., Żukowska K., Misiarz P., Bartoń R., Żuławiński K.; 2000. „Prognostication of the occurrence of abnormally high orogene’s pressure zones on the basis of seismic data”. Publishing IGNiG NAFTA-GAZ, No. 12/2000, p. 689.